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  DJ,  Karaoke,  Officiant & Photobooth Services

Whats going on at Ultimate Entertainment...

2015 was a year of new beginnings at Ultimate Entertainment.  With the purchase of the Photobooth and my  new title of Ordained Minister  we had a pretty busy year planning for 2016, BUT WAIT THERES MORE in 2015 I upgraded and replaced all of my sound equipment too! I pride myself on top of the line cutting edge equipment. Did I need to? NO, but keeping the appearance and my technology hard to compare with is a priority that not  only matters to me, but can be the stylish difference that can be seen and FELT at your event!

Bridal Show 2015

Cancellations happen: and sometimes that is unavoidable.  However dates are valuable commodities, and have to be treated and considered as such.  I hate to place a value on the topic and if changes must be made, please contact me asap to review options.  If no considered options are available, then cancellation costs must be assessed.  Two  Months or more  deposit will be forfeited.   7 days -less than 2 Months you will be accountable for 1/2 the total contacted amount.  Less than 7 days - you will be responsible for the full contracted amount.  

What kind of Events does Dj Rob Do?

What if I have to cancel my event?

So your interested in booking, but how much will your event cost?

Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Corporate Events, Holiday Parties,  Bar's, Private Parties.  I  have even done a Preschool Prom!

Whatever your party is, I have got you covered.

My Newest Toy! Run's off of my Ipad!

So lets get to the other reason you clicked on my website.  How much is this going to cost me?  Well, Im glad you asked.  Each event is priced differently based on a few different details, location, length of the event and optional preferences.  So for this reason I don't offer any generic pricing on my website as the amount can change depending on all of these options.  Contact me for an estimate today!

Is  my wedding too far away?

  I have traveled as far as Canada to DJ a wedding.    (Yeah they wanted me all the way up in Canada)  So the answer is NO.   A   2 hour distance has been my  common radius.  It's always fun to play in another city or town. So message me and tell me which town ill be rocking next!